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High-efficiency, low-maintenance modulating condensing boilers

Offering many of the same benefits as our mini-split air conditioners, modulating condensing boilers promise increased energy efficiency, more consistent temperature regulation, and less maintenance than traditional cast iron boilers. With no filter to clean, they are far more hands off than other boilers, allowing home and business owners to more easily – and less expensively – maintain their heating systems. Offering an efficiency of over 95%, modulating condensing boilers are a great option for anyone looking to reduce their energy costs without sacrificing comfort. With over thirty years of experience installing these systems, the team at I Know A Guy Plus can help you select the ideal system for your space, ensuring that its occupants are more comfortable and your energy bills are much lower.

The benefits of modulating condensing boilers

  • Modulated operation eliminates drastic temperature swings common to traditional boiler systems
  • No filter to clean, reducing the maintenance responsibilities of home and business owners
  • Can be wall mounted to take up far less space than standard boilers
  • Quiet operation ensures a comfortable – and serene – space
  • Increased efficiency can deliver lower heating bills