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I Know A Guy+, the go-to source for furnaces, air conditioners, and mini-split heat pumps

With over thirty years of experience, the team at I Know A Guy+ has worked to position themselves as Kalamazoo’s leading provider of furnace repair and mini-split heat pumps. With an unmatched understanding of HVAC service and equipment, we are the area’s most trusted, most professional, and most cost-efficient supplier of top-quality heating and cooling systems. Our products aim to help our customers reduce their heating bills and achieve better temperature control. When you work with I Know A Guy+, you can rest assured that the equipment you’re getting is energy efficient, economical, and – above all else – effective.


As Kalamazoo’s leading expert on mini-split heat pumps, I Know A Guy+ can work with you to find the right unit for your home or business. Mini-splits are modulating systems, allowing you to reduce energy costs and achieve more consistent temperatures. This is accomplished by eliminating the “fully on” or “fully off” cycle of traditional forced air systems and, instead, adjusting the unit’s power incrementally as needed. In this way, mini-splits can be up to 30% more efficient and – best of all – are more capable of handling your home’s heating and cooling needs.


From air conditioner service to furnace repair, I Know A Guy+ is the most experienced, professional heating and cooling expert in Kalamazoo. Capable of performing all major repairs for existing systems, we can work with you to ensure that your current HVAC systems are in working order. Trusted for over thirty years, our team is highly trained and familiar with all of the major brands. We can visit your home or business to diagnose issues, recommend solutions, and perform any repairs or replacements that you need.


With over thirty years of experience in the heating and cooling industry, the team at I Know A Guy+ is committed to providing the area’s best furnace repair, HVAC services, and ductless air conditioner installations. A trade ally with Consumer’s Energy and DTE, we offer our customers exclusive rebates to ensure that they’re getting a quality system at an affordable price. Focused on promoting and installing mini-split air conditioners, our goal is to help our customers improve the efficiency of their HVAC equipment and – more importantly – reduce their monthly energy costs.