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Explore the range of ductless air conditioners that we have available

When it comes to selection, I Know A Guy Plus offers the area’s best lineup of high-quality, affordable, and energy efficient ductless air conditioners. Carrying the full line of Fujitsu mini-splits and accessories, you can be confident that we have exactly the right model for your home, business, or facility. Whether you’re looking to manage the temperature in a large retail store, a small 800-square-foot home, or any number of other spaces, our team will work with you to find the right unit and – more importantly – the correct configuration.

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Single-zone mini-splits

We carry a massive assortment of single-zone mini-splits, from 9,000 to 48,000 BTU. With most of these units ENERGY STAR® qualified, they offer vastly improved efficiency and – as a result – noticeably lower monthly energy bills. With 38 different systems available in range of styles, including wall mounted, floor mounted, ceiling suspended, and compact cassette, we can help you find a heating and cooling solution that manages the temperature of your space with minimal impact on its aesthetics.

  • An extensive range of wall-mounted heat pumps
  • High-heat units to manage temperatures as low as -15°F
  • Floor-mounted units that are ideal replacements for radiators
  • Compact cassette units that slot perfectly into 24” ceiling grids
  • Medium static ducted heat pumps capable of heating entire homes and offices
  • Universal floor/ceiling mount units ideally suited for places of worship

Multi-zone mini-splits

With four different indoor unit styles, I Know A Guy Plus offers the absolute best selection of multi-zone ductless air conditioners in the area. Available in hundreds of combinations and largely ENERGY STAR® qualified, these units operate from 14,000 to 54,000 BTU, ensuring that they can handle the heating and cooling needs of any building. Each multi-zone unit can be connected to up to four indoor units, depending on the model chosen, to ensure that you have the versatility and flexibility necessary to keep your building comfortable and your energy bills low.

  • Concealed slim duct systems that offer higher efficiency
  • Compact cassette units that fit into standard 2’ x 2’ ceiling grids
  • Floor-mounted systems featuring twin airflow for better heat delivery
  • Models that can be installed horizontally or vertically to suit your needs
  • Simple systems that feature easy, no-hassle cleaning and maintenance
  • Outdoor units with small footprints and minimal noise during operation